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Public post in case anyone wonders where the Ariel/fantasy debate went. I deleted it. Its time has come and gone. Go find amusement elsewhere, children.

It's banner time!
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Listen up, kiddies, I'm only saying this once. Lori and I are not here to take any form of abuse. We built this sand box for you to play in, if you can't respect us, please get out of our sand box and go find your own to play in. It's that simple. You show us respect, we show you respect - that simple.

This public service announcement brought to you by one pissed off mod. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Contest update!
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I just came back from the Disney Store and I have all our contest prizes on hand!

Contest details are here:

CleoxDeuce doll
hi im Anji (Ravenge) i have never posted here but i always read what posted... let me get to why im posting. well today we adventure to Home Depot. for new lock for the doors well i like to look around even though that really not my fav. place to shop. though i did come across a Disney Fairies key for my door lock so we bought the lock and my key then got it sized so it could work on the door lock. i did scan the key it hook it what haging on. it a picture of tink. and dose anyone have pic of the faires full body i wanted to draw them.?


Comic #1
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So I got the first issue of the DF comic yesterday. It's so adorable! It came with a cardboard magazine holder to put your comics in and there's a Home Tree poster in the middle of the issue. There was the usual kids' magazine fare: cute ads, quizzes, crafts, etc. There were also lengthier profiles for Prilla and Tink. The best part was definitely the comic! The art is really cute. (Except for Rani, whose eyes are kinda freakishly small. I know she's got small eyes, but this is too small.) Issue #2 has Vidia on the cover and the comic is titled "Like the Wind," so it may star her! The profiles in that issue will be Rani, Vidia and Fira.

I made a bunch of icons from my favorite pics and posted them in my icon community:

And the profilesCollapse )

New Book head's up
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not sure if this has been mentioned yet - but Amazon.com has a new Disney fairy book listed (due out May 22, *2007* - talk about early listings)


Fairies in Flight:
book blather from Amazon.com: Fly through the sky with Tinker Bell and all of the Disney Fairies! Each spread of this one-of-a-kind hardcover book has a unique pop-up element that makes it seem as if the fairies are floating before your eyes! Disney Fairies fans will love reading about the fun-filled flying antics of Tink and her friends as they soar above Never Land on gossamer wings.

so, given the fact that it says "all", I think this might have Vidia in it. Let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

Mood theme!
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Hey guys, I thought I'd let you know- I just finished posting a Disney Fairies mood theme over at my icon journal!

Happy: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Sad: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Angry: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I've got the link to download the .zip file for it, and a link to see all the moods, over at snowwhitesicons!

(Follow the fake cut to Pixie Hollow!)

Playmates Toys Press Release
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This Press Release includes upcoming Playmates Disney Fairies toys.

-- Ring Of Belief Movie Playset

-- 8" Talking Tinker Bell Fashion Doll - This will be cute to hear Tinker Bell's voice. I hope they actually get Brittany Murphy to record the phrases.

-- Scamper, the chipmunk

-- Brother Dove - I would have rather seen them make Mother Dove cuz if it weren't for saving her Rani wouldn't have had to sacrifice her wings and wouldn't need Brother Dove.


I'm sure these are not set in stone, but I'm glad to see that they are continually expanding the line with new characters/products. Still no mention of Vidia.

-Fly Again Soon

New Tinkerbell Dress?
I was on TRU looking up bratz stuff, when I looked up the fairies, and noticed this Tinkerbell Dress:

Disney Fairies Sparkling Tinkerbell Dress

I think it's really quite adorable! anyway, I haven't heard anything about it, I don't think, but I was just curious. Has anybody seen it?


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