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Rani has finally got her 2nd outfit.
Taste it!
picklepud wrote in disney_faeries
Rani's 2nd outfit finally came in the post today. Wahoo!


and Tink and Fira...


and Celebration Tink - she looks kinda crazy compared to nomal Tink.

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They did release Silvermist in the same 8" fashion doll series but I would be surprised if they went back to releasing the fairies from the books.

Yeah and Prilla, but we need more.

I meant that Silvermist is the only MOVIE character doll that Playmates Toys has released so far, and she is the same size (8") as Tink, Fira, Rani, and Prilla. I agree, the more the merrier.

I'm not sure why exactly, but I'm thinking Queen Clarion might be the next new 8" Playmates character. In her movie guise, of course. I seem to remember a picture of her on Silvermist's packaging.

That would be ace of spades

Suh-weet, it would be interesting to see how she is styled. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find Silvermist anywhere in my area just yet and TRU.com was kinda pricey with shipping.

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