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Rani has finally got her 2nd outfit.
Taste it!
picklepud wrote in disney_faeries
Rani's 2nd outfit finally came in the post today. Wahoo!


and Tink and Fira...


and Celebration Tink - she looks kinda crazy compared to nomal Tink.

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Playmates is anti-Vidia. She doesn't even have a 3.5" figure. Yet they released Pluck, who looks mischiefy enough that she could have been Vidia. I don't get it.

I just want the Iris doll. I'd be happy with her.

I love my Vidia from the Disney store.

They should just make 3.5" figures of them all in stead of repeatng. What about Terrance?

I remember seeing Iris at the toy Fair.

He would.

Im so crap at spelling

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