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Rani has finally got her 2nd outfit.
Taste it!
picklepud wrote in disney_faeries
Rani's 2nd outfit finally came in the post today. Wahoo!


and Tink and Fira...


and Celebration Tink - she looks kinda crazy compared to nomal Tink.

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Cute! That's oddd though, I have all those dolls but here in the U.S. they didn't come with doll stands. I had to go to a craft store and buy the wire kind but would have much rather had the vine/leaf style. Also, Rani's alternate outfit was never available here in the states, I had to order it from the UK. Very nice pics!

Thanks very much. I love the fact they came with the stands.

Celabration Tink was the only one who did'nt.
They only sold the fashion pack I one chain of toy shops. Really cheap to.

Im really wishing they bring out more.
Would love Vidia, Beck and Bess.

It seems like Playmates is moving on to focusing on the movie fairies so I doubt we will see them release any of the book characters. The movie isn't due out for almost a yr (assuming it's still on track) so hopefully they will have to release other characters to bridge the gap and keep new products on the shelves.

I wish they had released the movie dolls the same size as Tink, Rani and Fira.

We need more characters playmates.

They did release Silvermist in the same 8" fashion doll series but I would be surprised if they went back to releasing the fairies from the books.

Yeah and Prilla, but we need more.

I meant that Silvermist is the only MOVIE character doll that Playmates Toys has released so far, and she is the same size (8") as Tink, Fira, Rani, and Prilla. I agree, the more the merrier.

I'm not sure why exactly, but I'm thinking Queen Clarion might be the next new 8" Playmates character. In her movie guise, of course. I seem to remember a picture of her on Silvermist's packaging.

That would be ace of spades

Suh-weet, it would be interesting to see how she is styled. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find Silvermist anywhere in my area just yet and TRU.com was kinda pricey with shipping.

Rani's outfit is the one I never got. I had it on my want list for awhile, but now that I have Silvermist, I don't want it anymore. It's a bit too similar to hers. Not that they're truly the same, but they're both iridescent and in cool colors. That's close enough for cheap me. Besides, I only have 2 Playmates dolls (Prilla & SM), so I don't redress a lot.

Seeing Fira makes me mad that they never released the purple outfit version. I would have bought her. And I'm still waiting on Iris!

They should bring out more.

Vidia would be great.

Playmates is anti-Vidia. She doesn't even have a 3.5" figure. Yet they released Pluck, who looks mischiefy enough that she could have been Vidia. I don't get it.

I just want the Iris doll. I'd be happy with her.

I love my Vidia from the Disney store.

They should just make 3.5" figures of them all in stead of repeatng. What about Terrance?

I remember seeing Iris at the toy Fair.

He would.

Im so crap at spelling

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