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CleoxDeuce doll
ravenge wrote in disney_faeries
hi im Anji (Ravenge) i have never posted here but i always read what posted... let me get to why im posting. well today we adventure to Home Depot. for new lock for the doors well i like to look around even though that really not my fav. place to shop. though i did come across a Disney Fairies key for my door lock so we bought the lock and my key then got it sized so it could work on the door lock. i did scan the key it hook it what haging on. it a picture of tink. and dose anyone have pic of the faires full body i wanted to draw them.?


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Ah, that's cute! I like it.

I recommend picking up the official Disney Fairies drawing book. It tells how to draw them:

cool i need to know where to fine it like wal-mart?

Best bet is to try a book store, I found mine at Coles Book Store.

i think i saw it when i bought Rani

I don't know which stores carry it. I got mine from Amazon.

I didn't know they had that! I'm so excited, that's definitely on my Xmas list now! ^_^

Thanks for the link!

they also have it at Barnes & Noble.

Wow, I didn't know they made keys like that! That's really cool!

yup they had "2" type's don't remeber what the other one was lol. though i think it was for a room like a room key!

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