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New Book head's up
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chrismactaggart wrote in disney_faeries
not sure if this has been mentioned yet - but Amazon.com has a new Disney fairy book listed (due out May 22, *2007* - talk about early listings)


Fairies in Flight:
book blather from Amazon.com: Fly through the sky with Tinker Bell and all of the Disney Fairies! Each spread of this one-of-a-kind hardcover book has a unique pop-up element that makes it seem as if the fairies are floating before your eyes! Disney Fairies fans will love reading about the fun-filled flying antics of Tink and her friends as they soar above Never Land on gossamer wings.

so, given the fact that it says "all", I think this might have Vidia in it. Let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

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may? and it's already listed? that's just...cruel, that's what it is. May?

yeah, I did a "What? May? You're listing it now? What the hell are you doing? Do you like torturing us?"

My favorite is where it says that "this item will be shipped after December 22." I was like, "Nawh, really? Ya think?"

I love how they torture us like that

or, how about on my recommendations page, they put the next Winx Club paperback that's due out in January (they started telling me about it in November - torture, much?)

0_o You have a Necile icon! That's awesome!

Not enough people have seen that special, that's what I say. ^_^

It's on my Amazon.com must order list - I <3 Rankin/Bass.

and I found the image while hunting down images so I could make one for a male pixie (long before Winx Canon decreed there are no male pixies!)

Vidia had damn well better be in it! Flying's her talent!

the only reason I said hopefully is because of how little she appears in some of the other books. It's like they're afraid to let the "bitchy" fairy have air time

and I love the Vidia icon

Yeah, I know. Still, there hasn't been a more appropriate book (aside from her own) for her to be in yet!

The icon's from the comic. I'm going to post all the ones I did in VVI eventually. I'm still cleaning up my two huge Winx icon posts.

well, they could have included her in the sticker book and the charm/shrinky dink book. Very disappointed that she hadn't been - because if she had been one of the charms, I would have sent it your way :)

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