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RBB Stormy face
tanz_fanatika wrote in disney_faeries

The art is in black and white, so I won't be posting scans unless there are some I really really want to share. (Because I'm not sure how well the scans will turn out.) I flipped through the book quickly and there are at least a couple new fairies! One (I think her name was Quill) is pictured at least once. I'll have more details when I'm done reading.

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And only $1.99 (plus shipping)! I was shocked no one else bid on it!

holy crap - that's a real steal

She's SO cute!! And finally in a different pose. ^-^

Wow, soooo neat!! I can't wait for this to come out for real! ^_^

Oh my gosh!! So cute!! What a steal!!

hoo i got that at wal-mart lol ine in color werid

It's not weird. Mine is an Advance Reader Copy. That means it's an unedited edition.

By the way, did you ever get those Winx figures I sent you? You never told me.

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