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Come visit Pixie Hollow!

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This is the way to Pixie Hollow!
RBB Stormy face
tanz_fanatika wrote in disney_faeries
All prospective community members must post here before they will be allowed to join.

(Existing members, ignore this.)

Hi there! Just wanted to join. :)

Hello. I was interested in joining, if you'll have me.

I wanted to join..

You seem to already be listed as a member, but if you're not, click here:

And officially apply to join. Someone will approve you.

I'd like to join please.

::silent fangirl squeal::
I love your art :D

love love love the icons! would love to join! :)

Hi! I've been playing in the Pixie Hollow game that Disney put up, and figured I'd check out the LJ group.

Any Snow/Bigby fan is cool by me! I love that comic.

I've been reading this community for some time and now I want to join.

(Deleted comment)
Cute icon! Welcome to the fold. :)

Is this where you join? What do you have to do?

Hi, I'm interested in joining. :-)

existing member in an RP account ::doe eyes:: mind letting me in so I can keep tabs here?

existing member in RP account, add me?
(chrismactaggart is my main account)

I'd like to join...
Please :]

Hello there, I would like to join this community, if you will have me. :) Starting playing the online Pixie hollow and collecting everything disney fairies since then. Well not everything XD

I'd like to join please.

I just recently got interested with this series and would love to join this community.

I'm into Disney Fairies since... say, October, so I'd like to join :)

i would really like to join. thanks:)

I'd love to join. I started playing Pixie Hollow Online recently and am totally obsessed with the Disney Fairy line now. I even reactivated my defunct LiveJournal just to join. Please say yes, pretty please!!!

Lovely community! I'd like to join! ;)

Hi, just wanted to join. Love Pixie Hollow. :D

Hiya! :)I'd really like to join! A friend of mine told me about this place! <3

Hi, I'd like to join. Please and Thank you. :]


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